Saturday, April 21, 2012


What a great way to start off my weekend!  Running a 5k for such a great cause and an even better turnout, especially by the Live Uncommon runners!   The Run for Renewal helps so many kids in need.   Such a cool event and atmosphere.  If you weren't there today, mark it on the calendar for next year.  Kids being kids and lots of people helping make sure they get to enjoy their youth!

For me it was not about running, it was about making a difference today.  I feel like I got that chance in many ways.  First of all, my daughter made the choice a month ago to run this race and she stuck with it!  She ran her first 1/2 mile kids run and ran it in 4:19, what a trooper and she looked good doing it!  There are some pictures below!  After that we gathered at the starting line and headed out got he 5k.  I was a little nervous to say the least.  After my St. Patty's day run, I was a little worried that I was not making the gains I needed to be making.  I thought I was going to go out a ROCK that 5k.  Now I look back and I really had set myself up for failure in that race.  I did a lot of things wrong, mostly mental too.  Easy fix, right?  Today would be the proof if I could.  I had made some training changes and I also talked myself into a better mental game.  As the race went underway, I was able to control my mental midget side of my brain and let the mental giant take over.  Thanks goodness, I might have had to throw myself in a headlock or cradle!  The course was a little hillier than I thought which was good, it made me focus on running and not out thinking myself.  When it was all said and done, PR for me!  I ran the best 5k I have ever run by about :45 seconds according to my watch.  I am not sure about the official race time but won't be to different.  I really needed that and will hope this will propel my training and make me want it that much more.  My time of 20:14 is very close to my ultimate goal, running under 20 minutes.  I have a few more this summer so I will get after it and make that goal a reality, because I KNOW I CAN!

 To start my day this way is so nice and refreshing!  See many people reach out and show they care is so cool!  Thanks to Phil P. for taking these awesome pictures today.  Phil is a ROCKSTAR with his camera!

Now I have a bit of confidence flowing and am thinking I am going to try and do a tri-athlon in Ogden, Ia.  This would before my original planned QC Tri,  but I figure, what the hell.  I am going to go in with no expectations and give it hell so I can improve for the QC.  I need to get some things in order and get after it, I know I CAN do it, just need to buckle down and focus!  Tomorrow, i will get inb a brick and see what I can do and decide if the tri is feasible for me to take on!

Thanks to my family, I have such great support between them and he LU family!  I love having them cheer me on and run with me.  Such a cool feeling, one that is not describable!

Thanks Live Uncommon for making me take that risk to be a better person in life, sometimes the biggest regret we have is the risk we didn't take!  Get out there, get after it because YOU CAN!!!

By the way, Great work to Aaron Maurer on his PR of 19:09 today too!  Way to get it done!

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