Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away! Tough Week!

This has been a pretty good training week so far!  However, this weather is tough to be motivated in!  Ran is such a relaxing sound it is hard to get out of bed in the mornings!  So far this week, I have been able to get a lot done, even though we are half way through the week.
On Monday I was able to get a good swim in and do my Spinervals DVD on the bike.  I was pretty happy with my bike, as I have not been able to do that workout in a while.  I was thinking it might be a little tougher.  Mentally it reassured me that I have been doing something right with my training.  I still have a couple more rides to get in this week as well as a good swim tonight too!
Running yesterday with the Crazies was a great run.  Nice and easy, never felt labored and my legs felt pretty good coming off a late bike ride Monday night.  Today, I knew, was going to be a mentally tough day for me.  I was supposed to do my final Yasso workout until after the half marathon.  The workout called for 10 x 800's!  Last week I cleared the hurdle of 8 so this week was one more mental challenge.  As i got out of bed this morning, lightning was coming, I could see it in the distance.  I headed out to the track anyway.  I got there and got a lap in and the lightning continued.  As I looked around, all I could see was METAL BLEACHERS and something clicked in my head, "this is not a good scenario!  I had hyped my self up for this and my only other choice was to head to the Y and get on the Dreadmill to do this!  I was really not excited, in fact almost mad that I had to go inside to do these.  I was on my own (Although I know Katie was thinking about running these while getting some rest! HA HA)  Finally I got going on the treadmill with the 800's.  I felt like I was in a Matrix full of numbers.  Trying to keep track of my laps on my watch, keeping track of the .5 miles on the treadmill and making sure my recovery time was correct.  After all was said and done, I finished up with 10 x 800's.  As I was getting the recovery time in, I thought, I feel good, I am going to do one more for good measure. Why?  I have no idea, something about doing 11 seemed intriguing, no idea why, but I did.  I finished with a .5 cool down that ended with me doing 9.5 miles and 11 x 800's.     Even having to get off the treadmill once to resign up for the treadmill because the Y only lets you sign up in 30 minute increments.  I think I might have given John Byrne a run for his money on making the treadmill an absolute disaster with sweat, It was dripping off the treadmill, on the treadmills next to me, everywhere!  Overall, I was pretty happy with this workout, even thought I spent over an hour on the treadmill!  My splits for the 11 x 800's were as follows: 3:09, 3:11, 3:08, 3:09, 3:09, 3:11, 3:07, 3:06, 3:07, 3:08, 3:06.  These are fairly consistent, but found it really hard to stay more consistent on the treadmill.  Still pretty solid for me.
I only have about five more days of hard training before the taper for the half marathon.  I am looking forward to seeing how the two week adventure of back to back races will go for me.  Mentally, I have put myself in a good spot with plans  all laid out and physically, I am ready.
I will set out to prove I CAN do this and get my PR in the half!
From here on out, mentally I CAN beat any obstacle that steps in my path!

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