Saturday, January 21, 2012

Brisk Morning!

Today had to be an early day for me, I have a bunch to do so 4:00 am wake up was first on the list.  I knew in order to get this done today it would have to be early and it just so happened that the Leadville runners were thinking the same thing.  Pretty happy that it worked out that way.  Five people with CAN do attitudes showed this morning.  John Byrne and Rick Fountain (Leadville Men), Aaron Maurer, Katie Gaffney and myself showed up at 4:30 to get this run in.
I will admit going into the wind, my face was freezing, but to every down side there is a good.  I knew we would have to turn around and have the wind at my back.  Running in the snow/ice covered streets is a lot tougher than it may seem, maybe like running in sand?  First hour and a half was great.  All five of us had a good pace, good conversation ( probably the best part of running with this group). In the first hour and a half, when ended just short of nine miles.  John, Rick, Aaron and myself set out on another 40 minute run.  Thanks to John and Rick for altering plans a little for me.  I appreciate it because, I know they do not have to, but they do because they CAN.  Good Luck to them today, as they are still running for three more hours and completing 26.2 mile and they will do the same tomorrow.  Back to the last 45 minutes for Aaron and I, we got another 4 miles in to complete the day just above 13 miles.  No to bad before 7 a.m.!
I think the thing I like most about these runs is that I control my target heart rate for a sustained period of time and it is really helping my running fitness a ton.  Sure, I could out and blaze 3 or 4 miles but 2 hours in my target heart rate is helping me out tremendously.  I feel like I have made some big strides in the last couple weeks in my running and I look forward to what I CAN accomplish in the next couple of weeks. Running is back to being enjoyable instead of work.  Who would not enjoy it with the company I am keeping on these runs.  Surround yourself with good people and good things happen!
I need to be on my way as I have a large list of to do's today.  Today I have accomplished a half marathon before 7 a.m., what CAN you accomplish today?  Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Thanks for the props Chad. We finished at 26.4 miles this morning - we're half done! Please know that as much as you might appreciate us, we definitely appreciate you joining us. It is hard work running this far and to have great people joining us makes it all the better. Think about when you want to go 26.2 with us, unless you want to save it for an actual race that has formal recognition and a t-shirt. You are closer than you realize - I'm certain of that. Have a great day!

  2. Thanks John! For me mentally, I will do 26.2 someday before I get the glamorized t-shirt! Recognition amongst the people we run with is enough for me. Without the people I run with, I am not sure I would be where I am at. Enjoy some rest.

  3. I was reading the book u lent me tonight and came across this:

    "Whatever it is, grace is never anything a person can "get". It is only a treasure that someone can "receive". No wonder why those grace-filled friends in our lives feel like un-deserved gifts."

    From reading your blog, sounds like this is just the sort of group you've got going. Very cool.


  4. Mr. Driscoll,
    You are absolutely correct. I have been "graced" with a group that has enabled me to achieve things, I believed, I could not do before. Amazing what you CAN do when you surround yourself with "good"!