Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Workout Change...and ME!

Been a couple of days since I have blogged.  Most of it due to laziness and time constraints.  Enough with the excuse and time to move one.  Last Friday was my last swim for a couple of weeks.  I am going to focus on biking and running for a couple of weeks along with fitting in some weights.  I have really been focused on swimming for a while and I also got some new art on my body that I need to let heal.  The picture is my new art.  My girls hands with angel wings, they are my angels and mean everything to me, they will always be by my side.   Kind of one of those secrets I have that nobody really knows, I really like tattoos.  Just one of those things and this one means a lot, I love my girls, plain and simple!  

I started out yesterday with a pretty hard hill climbing bike ride on the stationary bike at the Y.  I rode 8 miles with quite a bit of resistance on the bike.  Then I hit the weights.  I did the following, most of what was a mix of workouts from Men's Health:
3 x 10 - Lateral Body Weight Squats
3 x 10 - Lateral Box Shuffle
3 x 10 - Barbell Bus Driver's - Barbell with weight on one end and other end propped in corner.
3 x 10 - Barbell Squat  w/ One Arm Extensions
3 x 10 - Barbell One Arm Deadlift with twist. 
3 x10 - Dumb Bell push up with row
3 x 10 - Scarecrow twist w/ 15 lb weights
All in all a really good workout, legs a little sore from squats but feel pretty good about it.  

Today was to focus on running.  I joined my running buddies; Aaron, Jane and Katie.  Set out on a six mile run and really had probably my best run since last winter.  Not to mention, it was a great day out again, on January 24!   We started fairly slow but ended up running a very strong last mile.  The mile time is as follows:10:02, 8:42, 8:29, 8:10, 7:53, 7:32 for 6.14 miles in 51:53.  My milage may be a little off because it could not find the satellite before we started running.  As I said before, I really think this is the best I have felt being able to push towards the end of the run.  

I think back to waking up and I did not want to go at all, just feeling sorry for myself, and wanting to go back to bed.  I knew I had my group waiting for me to run.  I really thought about it, but this exercise is not  for my group (although I can't say enough about how much I cherish their company and running experience), this is for myself.  It will benefit me, it will allow me to be around for my girls and my wife.  Groups are awesome and provide accountability that I have talked about before, but in the end, you have to be in the game for yourself for it really to mean anything.  Everybody has their reasons for "doing" or "not doing", but I believe that "doing" for yourself first is most important.  Make yourself the most important thing to take care of and all else will fall into the right place.  Some people say "family first" but, I, myself, am part of my family, and if I don't take care of "I" then my family won't be there.  Hope all that makes sense and does not sound selfish, because I love my family and I don't think I would be anywhere close to being "who I am" if it was not for them.  I CAN control my destiny this way.

Tomorrow I have a bike ride scheduled and then off to the Y for some more weights.  I will get up a little earlier to get both in.  I am looking forward to doing some sprinting on the bike.  I will join some friends for weights, Todd and Lisa, at the Y after the bike.  

Hopefully, I don't sound to selfish while talking about taking care of myself.  In the end, I CAN, Dig Deep (John Byrne) and Get it Done (Aaron Maurer) and make it happen for myself so the rest can fall in place.  

Kind of a random post but those are the thoughts that came about while thinking about my past couple of days.

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