Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week of Change & Feeling Good!

This was a very busy week for me at work and trying to introduce a change in my workout.  I had four basketball games to supervise, a soccer game at 10:20 at night, I worked an extra job on Wednesday.  I think I can successfully say that I was able to complete both and feel good about myself.  I finished the week off with a 15.7 mile run this morning and now I am sitting by the fire with a cup of coffee and couldn't feel better!  Life is Good!

Last week I decided I would get some more weight training into my workouts and I was able to complete these with some consistency this week.  Thankfully during the week, I had another group that really wanted to lift too.  So Todd C., Lisa R., Curt S., and myself all got in some serious core workouts.  I can feel my abs still today, which is a good thing, they are a little sore.  I am in hopes to continue this type of regimen next week.  And hopefully this will provide me with some sort of base that I will be able to continue as I train to complete the triathlon.

On the running side of my training, I really feel like I have made some strides in the right directions. I am way above and beyond where I was at last year at this time.  Again, and I am sure people get tired of hearing it, but the groups I run with provide me with such support and accountability is so AWESOME. They are always there and make running enjoyable.  On both, Tuesday and Thursday, we were able to really run some nice six to seven mile runs.  Tuesdays run started very slow and non-conversational and ended with a 7:32 mile on mile six.  Thursdays pace started out pretty fast and stayed that way and most of all my heart rate was in the target, that is key for me.

My biking probably suffered the most this week.  I was able to get in a great hill workout on Monday on the stationary bike, which I don't really like but it is a good workout.  Wednesday, i was able to get a spinervals workout in before heading to the Y to get my weights in.  I decided to take Friday off of the bike due to a busy week and big run I knew I had today.  I had a soccer game on Wednesday night at 10:20 which tends to throw a loop in the training schedule.  My legs were just tired and I did not feel as hydrated as I should have been so I decided rest was best.  Which I have more to talk about rest in a bit....
Today I joined the Leadville runners again and we had a huge group of SEVEN this morning.  John, Rick, Aaron, Curtis, Katie, Ben,  and myself set out at 5:30 to get our miles in.  I really felt like I had a good run this morning, I was able to pick it up at end the and push a little.  We completed 15.7 miles in 2:26.  I believe this was Curtis's longest distance and again, I think the group (especially John and Rick) are so supportive that completion is inevitable with them.  Great job to Curtis, I know the feeling!  The wind was a little chilly this morning , otherwise a really nice morning once the sun came up.  It was kind of a refreshing feeling and seeing the warm sun.  I can't wait till spring!  Again, a great job to the group this morning, Awesome run!

As I mentioned before, rest is best.  I have talked in my blog about how much running and working out with groups are such a benefit to you, and make you feel accountable.  Also, some of the friendships you create are pretty powerful.  My friend Aaron, had some knee issues (see his post) this week and was feeling pretty bad.  One thing to understand is that Aaron is very competitive and when he sets goals, watch out.  As he was willing to continue working, ignoring his knee injury.  I felt like I needed to say rest it, even though I was a little hesitant.  I did not want to say the wrong thing and it is always easier to tell someone else to rest, rather than doing it yourself. I did relay my message and I think he took it to heart.  I was worried what he would think and then I was able to read his post about it.  It made me think a lot about the people I am surrounding myself while training and how important it really is.  Not that I am some savior or anything.  Sometimes you need that outside help to say "it is okay",   to make yourself feel alright about certain situations.  After a couple of days of rest Aaron was able to rejoin us today and had a good run.  Good Luck to him in the Indoor Tri-Melon tomorrow in Muscatine.

On to some rest for the day and enjoy those around me, mostly my family this weekend!  Sorry, I kind of rambled on again today but it had been a few days since I had blogged.  What CAN you accomplish this weekend?

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  1. Great run today. U pack a lot in every week that I think you operate on a 30 hour day schedule instead of 24. Enjoy your rest today.