Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Days after 19 miles

Good evening!  I did not get a chance to post my workout this morning due to time constraints.  Yesterday was a struggle to really want to do anything.  I made the choice to sleep in since I did not have to work.  I think it was the right choice to let my body rest yet, I really did not feel like getting the swim in that I needed to.  I kept wanting to use the excuse...."I ran 19 miles yesterday, I don't need to do that today"  The truth in the matter is that yesterday is gone and I had new obstacles to tackle.  I needed to get my muscles back to work and get in the pool.  So very glad I did, as that was just what my legs needed to loosen up.  I swam 2200 yards and felt very good afterwords.  And on to today...
I scheduled myself for one of my morning group runs.  Again, wasn't really feeling it, although I had a good nights rest.  It was snowing out and sleeting too. My legs were a little more sore than I thought they would be and my ankle was a little tender.  I did my best to get mentally prepared and made myself get out to meet the group.  Aaron and Katie joined in and we were off.  Have you ever had one of those days running and you feel like you are flying, but in reality you were not really going that fast?   That was me today, I thought we were hauling all six miles today, only to find out is was a pretty moderate pace.  Started above nine minute miles but ended below eight minute miles?  Go figure!
I guess the purpose of this blog is that I CAN overcome mental blocks and challenges and break through them to meet new challenges daily!  Mind over matter I believe is how it goes..what I accomplished yesterday is gone, What CAN I accomplish tomorrow?


  1. Sometimes the best thing to do is not think about the workout and just get your body there - and you will do it :o) I've felt like this a number of times before. I think you were wise to rest after Saturday - that was a shock to your legs. It won't be the next time but the first time I'm sure it was. Finishing below seven minute miles - impressive! Great job!

  2. You are absolutely correct John, just getting there is half the battle. Then I figure, if I am there, I might as well work hard! I also made a mistake on my miles when I typed, we ended below eight minute miles, not seven. Got a little excited while typing:)

  3. Good thoughts. Yesterday is in the past. If you look into the past too long you lose sight of the present. Keep up the great work.