Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week in Review...Long!

For whatever reason, this has been a long and trying week for me, probably why there has not been a post all week.  Overall, I would say it is not a bad week, just a tough mentally challenging week.  I had some pretty positive things happen. Pretty successful week as far as working out and making some things happen a little quicker than I thought I could.

First off on Tuesday of this week I had the best run I have had since last year in May.  I set out on my normal run with the CRAZIES at 5 a.m.  Actually a larger group than normal; I was joined by Katie, Jane, Phil, Nick and Aaron.  We got into the run at a pretty normal pace for us and we took a little different route to make it a little longer.  For some reason the last mile and a half, the pace rocketed up.  At first I thought it was the wind and after chatting with Katie about it, nope, it was us.  Finished the last full mile at 7:22 pace then the last .66 at 6:50 pace.  For me that is flying.  For the 6.6 miles, it was an average overall pace of 8:04.  I have not ran like than since last year when I did the half marathon.  As I look back on it, I am running way ahead of schedule and think I may be able to do some amazing things with my half marathon this year.  So I am looking forward to that!
On Thursday we had a nice light run in the morning.  I am glad it was nice and easy because my legs were still a little heavy from  biking and the Tuesday run.  Jane and Katie and I had some really good conversation.  Kind of interesting running with women sometimes to get their thoughts and perspectives on things that men really do not talk about while running.  I have great respect for these two ladies so I do the smart thing and take it all in and agree;)  I was glad for the light run because I also had a soccer game Thursday night and we only had one sub, I ended up playing the entire 40 minute game.  My legs were tired and my hip strained a little so Friday was going to be a rest day!  At least for my legs, I ended up lifting upper body and it was good just to get that in and rest my lower body.

My other training is going well.  I really have liked the weight training I have integrated into the workouts as well.  I am feeling stronger and starting to see results.  My biking is picking up too as my legs are feeling stronger.  I need o get back to the pool but I think I am going to get one more week of good lifting in before I hit the water more.  I think I have plenty of time for that so I am not to worried about that.

This morning I finished up my week of running with a 19 mile run and all done before 7:30 a.m. or at least very close to that.  I felt pretty darn good this morning all things considered.  Again the Leadville group is an amazing group of people to run with.  I honestly believe I would not be running where I am at right now if it was not for their inspiration.  We were able to finish our last mile in under 8 minutes which is a huge progression for me. Last time I was struggling to even make it back to the house, this time I was pushing it back.  This felt really good mentally and physically.  My hamstrings are the only thing feeling the affects right now, otherwise I feel great.

On the run this morning we had some great conversation and even so good we missed our turn and had to run a little further on the first loop, but all is good because this group is AWESOME!  One of the conversations this morning was about who you surround yourself with is what you CAN be.  I feel very fortunate, I have surrounded myself with all sorts of people and I feel pretty blessed to be a part of this group and call them friends.  This morning it was John, Curtis, Rick, Katie and Mike.  Being part of this groups really has opened my eyes to what I CAN accomplish.  John has talked to me lately about completing a marathon.  After today, I believe I CAN complete one now.  I probably have always been able, but now I know I CAN.  I am going to search for one so I can take the drive I have and make it reality.  Through church, the gym, running, work and other things I do, I have put myself in a ring of friends that I believe make me more powerful to myself than I ever thought or believed I could be.  Each week my belief in myself is getting stronger and my belief in the people around me are more powerful.  Surround yourself with good, and good will prevail.  I know I have talked about it before, but each week I train with the guys that are doing Leadville or my morning CRAZIES, I see the work in progress and am amazed at what a difference a few people getting together, to better themselves, can do for one's power to believe in themselves.
Also, thanks to John for giving us a little inspiration.  He gave us all a "Dig Deep" wristband to help motivate in our workouts.  See the picture, it has the Leadville logos on it as well.  This will help in those times of mental weakness to know, I CAN DIG DEEP and persevere!
With that in mind, I need to get a move on to the day.  Today is going to be more powerful than yesterday because I CAN believe in myself in what I CAN accomplish.  Have a GREAT and Positive weekend!

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