Monday, February 20, 2012

Joining the RevoLUtion!

Well, tomorrow is the kick off to the RevoLUtion for Bettendorf Middle School.  We are kicking off our FUN week, Fitness Uniting w/ Nutrition!  In the past we have done this week and we concentrate on fitness and nutrition for one week.  Then it kind of goes by the wayside and we move on.  This year I am determined to not let that happen.  I have teamed up with Live Uncommon.  They are awesomely uncommon people!  I am trying to get as many students, family and staff to join the Revolution Torch Run on June 2.  We will be kicking it off tomorrow with a lot of kids exercising in the gymnasium and followed up by the Live Uncommon team coming into the school and getting things kicked off!   We will end the week with some friendly games of dodgeball.

My belief, is that all people CAN do what ever they want to, if you put your mind to it.  I tend to amaze myself everyday with things I find myself doing.  If I can make a difference in a few lives this year by getting them to live uncommon and change, I will succeed.  I believe, that with the help of many people, I can make a huge difference in the upcoming youth.  I WILL lead by example and continue my efforts in my own goals and prove that YOU CAN, if YOU TRY!

I spent most of my day off at school getting the halls ready.  See my decorating below.  I am in hopes that I can make a difference in our youth.  It will only take ONE person to change our world!  BMS, welcome to the RevoLUtion!  Lets make every day count and make it count for our future!

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