Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Training Blahs!

I will start with yesterday.  I had an awesome run with the CRAZIES!  We had a great group of seven running.  We started at a really nice pace and picked it up along the way.  Towards the ends, I felt like I just needed to go.  I kind of felt bad leaving the group but I just needed to do it for myself.  I took off and had some really nice last miles, for me anyway.  For some reason I felt like I did not run well last week, but I put in 28 miles running and felt good.  One of those mysteries I will probably never know, but I was satisfied with my run and that is important to me mentally.  The group is really making strides in the running category and I am excited for some warm weather to come and see what we can really do.

Today was a good workout as I pulled off the trifecta( according to Aaron M.) workout this morning.  Getting biking, swimming and lifting in all before 6:15 a.m.  I do not mind these workouts once I get going.
I jumped on the bike at 4 a.m., actually like 4:10 and rode at a high cadence for 15 miles.  I tried to keep the cadence over 100 rpm for the full time.  For the most of it, i was able, except the first couple miles of warm-ups.  High cadence is probably the least favorite of any bike workouts.  I am not really sure why, but it is.  Then, I quickly transitioned to my jammer and headed to the Y for a 1750 yards.  It was actually a good workout, I found a really good rhythm today.  I did 5 x 100 all under 1:30 and then 10 x 50 at 40 sec or below with 15 second rest intervals.  Overall I was really happy with the swim which adds to some confusion for me, which I will address later.  After swimming I hit the weights for a pretty tough weight workout too.  I was joined by Todd, Lisa, Curt and Jayme.  My chest will probably be sore tomorrow.  Here is the workout:
Group 1
3 x 15 Bench
3 x 10 Explosive Push Up
3 x 10 Burpee's

Group 2
3 x 10 Overhead Cable Chop
3 x 12 Reverse Swiss Ball Leg Ups
3 x 10 Straight Arm Pull Downs

Group 3
2 x 10 Box Jumps
2 x 10 Cable Rows
2 x 10 Weighted Sit Ups

Pretty good overall workout today.  I am looking forward to the run tomorrow as well.

Here is my mind set at this point in my training.  I really would like to get a triathlon in, just something I wanted to do.  However, I am finding that trying to squeeze all the different types of training in, is very hard on me, my family, and just finding time to relax.  I am signed up for the QC Tri and I will do it.  I have put way to much time in to not do it.  I am really liking the running at this point in time.  I may be at the "runners high" right now.  Maybe because I am seeing improvement, maybe because of the groups I run with.  Whatever the reason, I am really enjoying that, I always feel like I really accomplished something when I am done.
There is another Tri in May I may sign up for so there is something closer for me to train for instead of waiting till June.  Maybe that will bring that motivation back as well. I know I can do well in the tri, at least for me, I just need to get my mojo back.  Maybe once things settle down at work a little, it will come back.  Needless to say, work has been crazy this month.  So I ill quit whining, get back on the horse I rode in on, and start making things happen for the positive!  I know I CAN.  Here is to spring getting closer each day and the weather letting us get outside and enjoy it!

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  1. Remember to do what makes you feel good and where your inspiration takes you. If it happens to be in the running, then pursue that event. Life is too short doing things that seem like "work" and wishing you were doing more of something else. You mentioned the running today. If that is where you are currently inspired, then get after it man!