Friday, February 17, 2012

What a week!

This has been quite a week, to say the least.  There were many emotions that went into this week and many work hours.  Everything from from working out to work to family!  It started out with a very awesome man in my family passing.  Jaybird, he was such a great father and family man.  It was a very hard to watch his family deal with this part of life.  Taken so sudden at the young age of 53.  Sunday and Monday we spent remembering all the great things he stood for.  I think the hardest part was watching his daughter grieve and watching my daughter learn about death and what it is all about.  Tough thing to learn, however, I am not sure we ever learn it.  I have a very tough time at these and tend to be pretty emotional and my daughter has picked this up as well.  This is the way we started and sometimes these events make us realize that life is to fragile and we need to make sure that every minute we are here, on earth, we should make the most of it.  Making every effort to enjoy those around us and enjoying life as we know it.  I am pretty sure the after life will be awesome but I know what I have right now is awesome as well.   I WILL enjoy this and make the most of it!

Then came Valentine's Day!   It is a nice day to remind us of how much we love those that are significant in our lives.  Although, we should really do this everyday, it is nice to have the reminder to take the time to do this.  Especially after the reminder of how precious life is on Monday.  I think the best was my girls giving me a Valentine!  They were so nice and I appreciated them so much.  I love the innocence of their love for their dad!  I thought you might like to see them as well.  Not to mention my amazing wife.  We had a pretty mellow day but our love in unconditional and I will forever cherish that!

Work was another story.  Conferences this week and had some coaching issues to deal with that did not make things very easy.  Plus I am trying to get our FUN (Fitness Uniting w/ Nutrition) week up and rolling.  That was a little stressful but I WILL overcome many of these problems and keep trucking forward!

On to my workouts.  The last few weeks I have spent working on fitting weights into my schedule.  I feel like I did a good job of getting that worked in and building a base on weights.  I know deep down, I cannot leave that behind so I was trying to figure out a way to make sure I keep this in my workout regimen.  I will keep my Tuesday and Thursday tuns with the group of CRAZIES.  I will not give that up, they are to valuable at this point.  My big problem is that I would like to say I will ride my bike at night when I get home from work, but I know I will not on a consistent basis.  So, I have changed my plan.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I WILL get up a little earlier and get biking, swimming and weights all in before 6:15 a.m.  On those days I will ride for 45 minutes, then head out to the Y by 5:00 to get  a swim in for 30 minutes and then weights for 30 minutes as well.  I will continue to get my long runs in on the weekend.  My weeks will be heavy on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays but as long as I listen to my body, rehydrate, I BELIEVE I CAN make this work.  I started this Wednesday and continued on to today.  So far, I feel pretty darn good.

Today I started off with a high cadence ride.  My goal was to ride 45 minutes at a high cadence of over 100 rpm.  I was able to accomplish this, with the exception of my first couple of miles because I was warming up.  As you can see below I was pretty consistent and stayed over 100 rpm.

After the ride I shot off to the Y and had a pretty good swim.  I did a ladder workout to swim.  Didn't start off that well as I forgot my goggle at home.  I had to barrow from the Y, I hope I don't have some funky eye disease come tomorrow!  I started with a 600 yd warm up then did the ladder with 20 sec rest in between all of them.  I went as follows: 25yds, 50 yds, 75 yds, 100 yds, 150 yds, 200 yds, 150 yds, 100 yds, 75 yds, 50 yds, 25 yds  and the a 150 yd cool down for a total of 1750 yds. Felt pretty good all the way through.  However, I did cramp at one point, which only means one thing, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I went ahead and got my lifts in as well.  Today was a good day, not to mention I had the day off!  Great way to begin a four day weekend for me.  I then headed off with a great meeting with LIVE UNCOMMON.  I am excited, we are launching the REVOLUTION next week at school.  I hope we can help make some difference in getting kids active and leading a healthy lifestyle!

After the crazy week, don't take everything for grant-it.  Live life everyday and don't let those little things that get in our way of life bother you, figure out how you can get around or over them and continue forging ahead and make every day count!  See how you CAN make a difference, EVERYDAY!

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