Thursday, February 9, 2012


Another good run with the CRAZIES this morning, although we were missing Aaron.  Today was an interesting day for me.  I started the morning, lets say not very motivated at all, and ended my run with such positive thinking.  Getting to your workout destination is probably the hardest thing to do.  When you have a bunch of crazy runners waiting for you it makes it easier.  And when you have a bunch of CRAZY runners that have great conversation it makes it almost a punishment if I miss.  The run today seemed to start off fairly quiet, even Nick, who seems to be able to talk about anything anytime, was quiet.  As the morning went on, I started to perk up a little and still not really in the mood to talk a whole.  As I ran, I found that just listening to the group sometimes is all I need.  There is a lot of interesting things that go on in every ones lives.  Not to be creepy or anything but sometime listening is good, probably a quality my wife would like me to be better at ;)  Anyway, we ended the run pretty strong and I felt pretty good about.  Oh, and a shout out to Phil for kicking it in and seeing his times get better and better, great work!

Another good happening this morning after my run, I saw John and Rick kicking tail on the treadmills.  I went in to talk and John needed my conversation to help them get through.  I so know what he was talking about so I just started chatting as fast as I could and as some of you know, I really don't talk all that much.  Great to see those guys so determined to reach their goal of Leadville.  Keep it up boys!

When I dropped my girls off at my moms house, I was delivered with some bad news. A Cousin of mine, more like an uncle, had passed away last night of a heart attack.  54 years old was Jay.  I will have his family in my thoughts and prayers.  He was an amazing guy and a great Father!  Death always bothers me to no end.  Probably the one thing I am really scared of in this world.  Not necessarily death itself, as I have found myself getting more informed about this, but what I will leave behind.  Saying  this, I mean my family.  I don't want to miss a thing with them and just cringe every time I think of missing anything in their lives.  Jay will leave behind his wife, Theresa (awesome lady) and his beautiful daughter Alix, who he was an amazing father too.  My thoughts and prayers to his family and I know Jay will watch over them. Rest in Peace my Friend!

After that news,  school was alright with the exception of situations with sports.  But I guess I am ending it the best way, spending it with my girls.  Mary is off to do a few things so we are chillin' and enjoying time together, the most precious of all time.

Exercise this week has been good.  I have a little foot ailment that has put a giddy up in my step but is getting better.  The weights have been awesome and biking is getting there.  Tomorrow I will hit the bike hard and then get some more weights in.  Next week, I will head back to the pool and start that over again.  Hopefully, I have not lost to much yet!

Well, to an interesting day, a full moon and enjoying all the time you have here with the people that surround you and make you who you are.  I know I CAN.

After re-reading the post, kind of random today but that seems to go right along with the day!  Tomorrow is Friday, Enjoy!

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