Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's Challenge..I CAN

Today, I decided to make a change in my workout.  Although it was the first day, I think it is going to work.  I decided I needed to get up a little earlier at least a couple times a week, really would like to do three, and get in biking, swimming and weights.  I have spent the last three and a half weeks trying to build my base on weights, biking and running.  I have accomplished all of this and want to continue.  The reality of it is that if I say I will wait till after work to ride my bike or lift, I won't do it, I make to many excuses. So my goal on Monday's , Wednesday's and Friday's, I will lift, bike and swim.  I think my key will be to keep myself hydrated all the time and keep the nutrition in line.  Today, I was able to bike 20 miles and felt really good pushing in high gears.  I will alternate my rides with high cadences, low gears and building muscles and intervals workouts.  I then hit the pool for a 1400 yd swim in 30 minutes and then lifted for 30 minutes with a core workout.  Great way to start my day, I had a great sense of accomplishment and think I can build on this.  I will just have to make sure not to push to much and injure myself.  Below are my biking results:
I will get a better blog in when I have a few more minutes.  Been a pretty hectic week for me!  Now to rest so I CAN get 6 b4 6 tomorrow!

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