Saturday, February 18, 2012

What an Awesome Training Day!

Been a while since I was able to blog two days in a row, but that is what a day off will do for you!  I set out on a long run this morning with Katie G.  We decided to head down to the river and run on the bike path and head over the Arsenal Bridge and Centennial Bridge for total of 12 miles.  This run turned into an unbelievable run.  As we were running, the sun was starting to rise.  We started with the wind in our face a bit, but not to bad.  As we crossed the Arsenal Bridge the sun was starting to peak over the horizon.  What a beautiful way to perk up the run.  A nice dark blue sky with the orangish-red sun starting to peak over the edge of the earth.  Today is one day I wish I would have had my phone with me as the morning provided some beautiful opportunities to take pictures of the most amazing things we have around us everyday, but don't always get to see.

We then trekked our way through downtown Rock Island, weird to see The District, dead!  Back over the Centennial Bridge we went.  Decided to head back to the bike path and into Davenport a little more before turning around.   On the way back, we were cruising along the river and there it was, the most majestic animal in America.  A beautiful Bald Eagle soaring along the river, only about 30 yards from us.  Hunting away with the sun beaming down on us.  It was awesome!   It gave me a shot of adrenaline, I felt I could run forever at that point.

Not to mention along the way, Katie and I had some great conversation as we always do.  Something about the morning.  I think it is more a longing for warm weather to get here.  The sun was warm on the way back, the Mississippi River was gleaming in the sun.  Everything was brilliant.  Then we were coming around the bend from Lindsay Park in Davenport, a rather shallow part of the river, and their was a log hanging out of the water.  Sitting on top, once again, a huge Bald Eagle, sitting there staring at us.  Almost giving us a nod of approval.  We were enjoying nature and its beauty.  Again this made me feel like I could run forever again.  It is nice to have those natural bursts of energy because of your surroundings.  Katie and I talked that some people may never get to see this, ever!  Not only did we get to see it, we were making ourselves healthier while doing!

The only bad part of the morning was my watch was dead so I am relying on Katie's watch.  We ended with 12 miles in 1:35.  This is by far the best time I have had for a run in a year.  This mild winter has really provided me with the ability to train hard.  I am about 3 months ahead of were I was at last year, if that makes any sense. Made me feel good about what I have been doing, especially with the heavy load I took on yesterday too.  Legs felt great.  I am looking forward to getting some speed work in soon as I think I will see even more change in my fitness when I get those in.

As the week is winding down, I am ending on a very positive note.  I have been able to take the challenge of a family member's death, try  to find peace with it, and ended it with some of the best training I have had in a long time.  Not to mention an very nice dinner with my beautiful wife last night (Kennedy was with us but fell asleep).  I was going to hit the bike tomorrow, but with this experience today, I am going to not push the envelope, give my body a day to rest, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and challenge you to get out and enjoy!

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